Join us for our Second Annual TED Ed Educator Talk

May 18, 2023

6-8 pm
Open Space Event Studios
Tickets $25

i4Education is proud to partner with Hayden Homes and TED Masterclass for Education to reimagine professional development for educators. This professional learning program will help schools and districts surface and celebrate their best ideas. Now, more than ever, we need your help to center and listen to educators in order to
reimagine what education could be.

Meet our 2022 TED-Ed speakers

Ann Marie Anderson

Empowering Students With Their Own Library Cards

Ann Marie Anderson is passionate about inspiring children to share in her love of reading. As an elementary school library media manager searching for innovative ways to keep kids engaged during the pandemic, she discovered a simple shift that sparked a profound change in her students’ interest in books and a thirst for reading.

Lori Colvin

Parenting Successfully

Lori Colvin understands the extraordinary love and challenges that come with parenting. In her supportive role for Health Families – a free, voluntary home visiting program for families who are expecting or parenting newborns – she has witnessed the ultimate parental selflessness of letting go.

Kristin Daniels

The Power of Permission

Kristin believes there is an absence of intentional innovation, research and development in education today. Leaning into her experience as a life-long educator – and a person who has received a call from the North Pole — she explores how the value of permission, and having a bias towards action, promotes a culture of innovation.

Katelyn Dover

Re-imagining Family Engagement

First grade teacher Katelyn Dover unexpectedly discovered a new and authentic way to connect with families through the fog and exhaustion of the pandemic. After teaching in living rooms all across her community, she recognized a new way of inviting family support and participation into her classroom as students returned to in-person learning.

Emily Gibson, EdD

The Nature of Impatience

In a society that views impatience as a character flaw, Emily Gibson — educator and author of The Culture of Hope and The Resilient School — has a different view. “What if we are actually hardwired for impatience as a biological construct of survival?” she asks as she explores the expanding role of mindfulness in education and teaching children to learn patience.

Suzy Hayes

Connection is a super power

For Suzy Hayes, there’s no question that relationships and connections are fundamental to happiness. After 21 years as a special education teacher, she now serves as an autism consultant, working passionately to creating meaningful ways for those with disabilities to connect, find community and live happy, successful lives.  

Lindsey Kealey

Problems Are a Gift

Lindsey Kealey, author of PAWsitive Choices Social and Emotional Learning, believes that when we unwrap problems with children (and adults) in productive, rather than punitive ways, we’ll find that problems are not just fires to put out. Instead, problems can be a gift to ourselves and the students we teach.

Fiona Mains

The Occupation of Wellbeing

As our children’s lives become increasingly stressful, Occupational Therapist Fiona Mains strives to help students find meaning and purpose. Working with young children, she partners with students, teachers and families to discover activities that are challenging enough to inspire growth, without being overwhelming.


Monica (Mo) Bergmann Perez

Shaped by Water

Water has shaped Monica as an individual, a lover, a teacher, a friend, and a coach.  It has been a significant force in shaping how she navigates the currents of the river of life and especially in how she approaches introducing and teaching skills to individuals in the world of paddle sports.

“I joined simply to learn more about clearly sharing ideas, absolutely not intending or even considering the fact that we would be doing a talk”

— Monica Bergmann Perez, Bilingual SLP, Whitewater Kayak Instructor Trainer, Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, Associate Faculty @ OSU Cascased in the TRAL program


“I took this class because I have difficulty speaking in public but also because I wanted to perfect my “why”- why I am passionate about Healthy Families. I don’t really have a title, but the talk is a story about what parenting can look like. I don’t think that I am seeking feedback as much as I would like to invite compassion.”

—Lori ColvinRegional Program Manager with Healthy Families of the High Desert


“I have always been a public speaker, and have been an instructor of public
speaking at the college level, but the TED Ed Master class was one of the best personal
coaching experiences I’ve had.”

— Ann Marie Anderson, Elementary Library Media Manager Bend LaPineSchools

“Being a part of the TED Ed experience was transformational. Diane and an incredible group of educators supported me in clarfifying my values and crafting a message to affect change in our community and beyond. I am deeply grateful for the feedback, encouragement and wisdome that Diane gave me throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this learning experience to any and every educators who has a desire to share their story with the world.”

— Lindsey Kealey, PAWSitive Choices

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