Get ready to be captivated as passionate educators take the stage to share their innovative ideas, heartfelt stories, and transformative experiences. Drawing inspiration from the renowned TED-Ed format, our speakers will ignite your imagination through talks, spoken word performances, soul-stirring songs, and captivating artwork.

The Shared Experience is a celebration of the power of education to shape minds and change lives. Whether you’re an educator, a student, or simply someone who believes in the magic of learning, The Shared Experience promises an unforgettable evening.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 23, 2024, spread the word, and come be a part of this incredible journey as we redefine what it means to educate, inspire, and empower.

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i4Education is proud to present The Shared Experience, Central Oregon’s forum for educators to share their ideas and highlight innovative solutions to the challenges we face in education. Inspired by the TED Ed™ talks we have hosted for the past two years, this new and expanded event is open to speakers, poets, artists, photographers, musicians and all presenters with ideas to share around innovation in education.

Tickets: May 23, 2024

RSVP today to secure your spot at this must-attend event! We can’t wait to share this extraordinary experience with you.

2024 SharED EXPERIENCE presenters

Natalie Bowker (She/her/hers)

Director of Student Health and Wellness, Oregon State University-Cascades
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Talk: From Fawn to Fang: a paradigm shift for girl empowerment

Natalie Bowker envisions a world in which young girls and women have tools to break free from people-pleasing patterns. A college mental health provider for the past 7 years, Natalie has also been a wilderness guide for youth, a school-based mental health therapist, a Minneapolis public school grief counselor and residential counselor at a state run boarding school in Alaska.

 “As I’m raising my 2 daughters, I strongly desire to give them tools I never received. I see the pressures to please that are placed on them at a young age and I want them to be able to assert themselves in their lives. I would love to take these ideas and dream big with other recovering people-pleasers!”

Shenika Cumberbatch-Corpas (She/They)

Data Coordinator, J Bar J Youth Services

Talk: The boxes of BullShit we live in!

 Shenika wants the word to spread that it’s okay to be different, it’s okay to be ourselves, and to permit ourselves to break the norm. She came to Central Oregon in 2017 as an AmeriCorps VISTA  joining the High Desert Education Service District’s Central Oregon STEM HUB, which focuses on ensuring students have access to STEM programs, education, and activities. Shenika has also done work with the Restorative Justice and Equity Group, hosting town hall sessions with high schoolers to talk about race and equity in our schools and how to approach those heavy conversations. Currently, Shenika works as a Data Coordinator where she can see how a youth’s path can change when they have stability.

 “I was at work talking with coworkers about degrees and past jobs. As I was driving home, I started to wonder about the different paths I could have taken and where I might have ended up. All the ‘what ifs’ were starting to come up. I began to wonder about the boxes of society. Which boxes have I been put in? Why do the boxes exist? I did a lot of reflection on my education journey and knew this was the story I wanted to tell and share. I never fit those boxes to begin with and I’m sure I’m not alone.”

Jason McNeal Graham (MOsley WOtta) (He/him)


Poem: What are we willing to risk to see each other’s humanity?

 Jason McNeal Graham, also known as MOsley WOtta, is inspired by imagining the world he wants to live in, and the accessibility with which this imagining is possible. An Oregon-based artist and creative laureate for City of Bend, Jason’s writing, painting and music are woven through nearly two decades of professional creative work. Jason is also an Oregon Fields Fellow, Oregon Humanities Conversation project leader + Bridging Oregon facilitator, Art Oregon “Black Matter” Visual Artist, Salem Art Association Fellow and Slam poetry Champion for the State of Oregon. Jason has been featured by OPB, TED X, NPR, the NBA and others. Jason is also a Deschutes Public Library free education program alumni. For more about Jason, visit:


Victoria Guthrie 

Resident Services Manager, Cornerstone Community Housing

Talk: The One Struck by Lightning Cries All Night

Victoria Guthrie is passionate about the healing quality of poetry. Having worked at a rehabilitation  facility for young girls, Victoria is excited to share the unique ways in which a young person can help themselves through tough times. Trained in crisis prevention and intervention, Victoria holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Oregon State University-Cascades. Victoria’s personal hobbies and interests include good snacks, writing poetry and petting other people’s dogs.



Gelsyn Hernandez  (He/Him)

 Coordinated Enrollment Specialist, High Desert Education Service District

Talk: We Will Never Obtain Success

 Gelsyn Hernandez is determined to redefine success by  inspiring others to ask themselves the simple question: “What do I want?” As a coordinated enrollment specialist for The Early Learning Hub of Central Oregon, Gelsyn has been helping connect Central Oregon children and families with community resources since 2018. Gelsyn’s goal is to break down misconceptions of success and encourage others to dream and have aspirations beyond societal norms.

 “I was inspired because there’s always a misconception of success everywhere you go. You hear it, see it and breathe it and I want to put a stop to that and allow us to dream and have aspirations despite what society thinks.”

Charlotte Patterson (she/her)

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, High Desert Education Service District

Talk: Hear Me Out!

 As a teacher of Deaf and hard of hearing students, Charlotte Patterson has witnessed firsthand the profound impact of language deprivation on young individuals. Charlotte believes that the lack of language-rich environments, especially within the home during the critical early years of development, can hinder children’s ability to thrive and reach their full potential. Today, Charlotte is on a mission to raise awareness about language deprivation and the profound impact that early exposure to language can have on a child’s development, creating a more inclusive and accessible environment where all students have the opportunity to flourish.

 “I’m excited to inspire others to join me in advocating for positive change and creating a more inclusive educational landscape for all students.”

Samantha Spaciano (she/her)

Speech Language Pathologist, High Desert Education Service District

Talk: Music is Magic

 Samantha Spaciano is passionate about the power of music in education and finds joy in experiencing it with kids. As a speech language pathologist for the High Desert Education Service District, Samantha works extensively with children in early childhood special education, bringing 12 years of knowledge and experience in early intervention to local families. Music is an important part of her therapy and also a personal passion. She performs around Oregon in her children’s band, The Party Animals, with songs inspired by her many years doing speech therapy in preschool classrooms.

Lilli Worona (she/her)

Middle school science teacher and musician/singer/songwriter

Original Song: Escape Plan

 Lilli Worona hopes to help other educators feel seen and less alone while sparking discussion, connection – and eventually change – around deep feelings they are facing in schools today. A local musician, songwriter and educator of 11 years,  Lilli currently works as a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Elton Gregory Middle School In Redmond and previously taught chemistry, biology and environmental science at Madras High School.

 “I wrote this song after a particularly tough day teaching, during which I had to lead a lockdown drill in my classroom. This song is about the emotional toll that these drills take on students and teachers, and is my way of processing this complex issue in education.”

To hear more of Lilli’s music, visit:

Past 2023 TED Ed™ speakers

Kathy Alexander

The Missing “SPARK” in Education

Kathy Alexander feels exceptional compassion for students who have lost their drive at a young age. By providing elementary school students with purpose and vision for their future, she strives to help keep them engaged and in school. A former business owner who began a career in electronics at age 17, she has spent the last four years as a STEM pathways education coordinator, working to inspire young students to succeed in school and life.

Amy Bordelon

Do you know you’re not broken? Seeing the Beauty in Neurodivergence

Amy Bordelon learns as much from her students as they learn from her. A licensed marriage and family therapist, she is a champion for social-emotional learning and skill-building for individuals who experience the world in their own unique ways. Inspired by the neurodivergent kids and young adults she works with, Bordelon shares a different, and life-changing, lens through which to see them.

Wendy Burkhardt

How to create belonging in our schools. It all starts with a door.

Wendy Burkhardt has been partnering with students and families to open doors for more than 25 years. As a special education teacher and assistive technology specialist, she tackles barriers and promotes inclusivity for students experiencing physical disabilities. Burkhardt shares the key to creating a sense of belonging, hope and opportunity by opening doors to new adventures.

Geraldine Casimiro

Cultivating community (gets you far)

Gera Casimiro is confident that together we can challenge power in societal institutions. She currently teaches social justice and education centered courses at Oregon State University- Cascades campus. And, as director of language access services for High Desert Education Service District she aims to make education accessible for emergent bilingual learners and their multicultural families in Central Oregon.

Alix Keel

Loud Whispers

Alix Keel knows first-hand that the act of having a good time promotes connection and creativity. Inspired by her own travel experiences, including an impulsive trip to Italy, she shares a unique perspective about the importance of enjoyment in education. A licensed professional counselor associate and Oregon licensed school psychologist, Keel helps students embrace and capitalize on their unique and individual strengths to be successful while having fun.

Erin Taylor

It’s Time to Get Radical

Erin Taylor believes that acknowledging and honoring difficult situations and emotions, letting go of judgment and control, and embracing the moment can change the future of education. A Culture of Care coach with 20 years of experience as a special educator, school psychologist, behavior specialist, Taylor shares the power of “radical acceptance” to support students with special needs and influence positive behavior. She has also found a place for radical acceptance in her own life to support healing and growth.

Amy Yillik

What A School Shooting Taught Me

Amy Yillik believes that a solution to violence in our schools doesn’t require a Doctorate in School Counseling & Psychology. She believes it requires human connection and belonging. With 29 years of experience as a school counselor and psychologist, Yillik credits her personal journey of addiction recovery for helping her in the aftermath of a high school campus shooting. She currently works as a culture of care coach and adjunct faculty member in USC’s Master of School Counseling program.

2023 Testimonials

“I joined simply to learn more about clearly sharing ideas, absolutely not intending or even considering the fact that we would be doing a talk”

— Monica Bergmann Perez, Bilingual SLP, Whitewater Kayak Instructor Trainer, Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, Associate Faculty @ OSU Cascased in the TRAL program


“I took this class because I have difficulty speaking in public but also because I wanted to perfect my “why”- why I am passionate about Healthy Families. I don’t really have a title, but the talk is a story about what parenting can look like. I don’t think that I am seeking feedback as much as I would like to invite compassion.”

—Lori ColvinRegional Program Manager with Healthy Families of the High Desert


“I have always been a public speaker, and have been an instructor of public
speaking at the college level, but the TED Ed Master class was one of the best personal
coaching experiences I’ve had.”

— Ann Marie Anderson, Elementary Library Media Manager Bend LaPineSchools

“Being a part of the TED Ed experience was transformational. Diane and an incredible group of educators supported me in clarfifying my values and crafting a message to affect change in our community and beyond. I am deeply grateful for the feedback, encouragement and wisdome that Diane gave me throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this learning experience to any and every educators who has a desire to share their story with the world.”

— Lindsey Kealey, PAWSitive Choices

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