i4Eduction True Fans

Investors who commit to contributing $500 a year to i4Education are True Fans. They are part of our Public Private Partnership working to build a fan base that helps sustain the innovative work taking place every day in our schools.


Here’s what some of our True Fans have to say about i4Education… 

Become a “True Fan” of education with a $500 annual pledge in support of our public private innovation matching fund.

“Education is not just achieved by educators, it is achieved by us all.”

— Jim Schell, Community Builder and Mentor

“Children deserve the best we can give them, and that requires innovation.”

— Ron Fritz, CEO Tech Soft 3D

“I’m inspired by the opportunity to bring entrepreneurs and educators together to experiment, create and innovate.”

— Molly Renner, Owner Sublime Creative Agency

“Magic Happens when our educators connect with local entrepreneurs.”

— Andy Boyd, Co-founder Rule of 78

“Heartfelt educators using innovation to improve the lives of students.”

— Preston Callicot, Senior Vice President Business Development at Effectual.

The High Desert Education Service District is committed to integrating an innovative mindset and approach into all that we do. i4Education serves as a regional resource to the HDESD and Central Oregon school districts who share the belief that the best ideas come from those closest to the problems to solve.