i4Education feeds the innovation ecosystem that supports teachers as entrepreneurs, storytellers and designers. We create a culture of innovation by empowering Central Oregon educators to incubate their ideas, share their stories and investigate solutions to the challenges education faces.

Invest in Ideas

We beliveve that the educators closest to the work in education are the best source for ideas to tackle the problems we need to solve. Your investment propels the innovation cycle.

You Are a Storyteller

You have a story to tell. We have a network of marketing and communication professionals to help you tell the stories of everyday innovation in education.

You Are an Entrepreneur

You have an idea. We have a predictable innovation process for educators to bring their ideas forward, including access to an innovation leverage fund and implementation coaching.

You Are a Designer

You have a problem to solve. We have human-centered design teams to creatively solve current challenges in education together.

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Anna Higgins
Director of Innovation
High Desert Education Service District