i4 Education Team

 “To innovate, in any sector or space, is to remain committed to excellence. Being human is dynamic and the way we teach and learn must match our ever-evolving reality. We owe it to each other, as teachers and students, to be the best versions of ourselves. And to lead in a way that unapologetically forces our systems, institutions and the services we provide to continue to improve, dream and boldly test new ideas from those closest to the problems we need to solve.”

Anna Higgins, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, High Desert ESD
Executive Director, i4Education

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“The solution to our greatest challenges lies in breaking down barriers and giving ourselves permission to try new ways of learning, growing, adapting, and playing together. Innovation in education is especially significant, considering the young minds molded by the education system today will be those leading the charge for innovation tomorrow.”

Diane Murray, Assistant Director of Innovation, High Desert ESD

“I am convinced that innovation is one of the very best ways to drive out the inequities in our current education systems.  We have an obligation to make sure that every student succeeds, and given continuing constraints in available resources, we must be more effective in each aspect of our systems.”

John Rexford, i4Education board chair, retired superintendent

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“Preparing our kids for the future will only be possible if we center around innovation in education. Our world today is so much different than it was in the 1920s, yet teaching models have changed very little over the past 100 years. Our educators are full of bright ideas to help our kids thrive in today’s world and we need to listen to and support them.”

Linda Quon, i4Education board vice chair, communication strategist

“I am committed to an innovation process that combines human-centered design, crowdsourced ideation and lean startup methodologies because it is grounded in empathy, drives equity and is a sustainable innovation and strategic planning strategy for schools and districts.”

Kristin Daniels, i4Education board member, educator, innovator and consultant leading crowd-based innovation and human-centered design.

The High Desert Education Service District is committed to integrating an innovative mindset and approach into all that we do. i4Education serves as a regional resource to the HDESD and Central Oregon school districts who share the belief that the best ideas come from those closest to the problems to solve.